Baby Cot Eugene

Model: Baby Cot Eugene
Features of a cot:
  • Curly backs provide rocking;
  • The kit includes wheels and swings;
  • 3 equal height of the bottom;
  • Mattress base - rail (pine slats);
  • Box on telescopic guides;
  • Movable front flap (one level bottom in height);
  • Transformation into a baby sofa in beds with a movable side;
  • Protective plastic lining on the side if desired;
  • Execution in different colors;
  • It is possible to carry out with the transverse pendulum mechanism for locking with locking;
  • Parameters: Material: backs - MDF, edges - wood (alder);
External size: 1240x1050x700 mm;
Internal size: 1200x600 mm.
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