Baby Cot Smesharik

Model: Baby Cot Smesharik
Features of a cot:
  • Decorated with an application in the form of phosphorus stars on organic glass, which glow during the day and glow in the dark in the evening;
  • Transverse pendulum mechanism for locking with locking mechanism;
  • The back is made of milled MDF board;
  • The walls of the fence are made of natural wood (alder), covered with water-based paint;
  • Non-toxic varnishes and paints of the highest quality;
  • Parts shapes are round and secure;
  • Safe distance between the sides of the sides;
  • Spacious linen box on telescopic guides;
  • 3 levels of height adjustment for the mattress;
  • The bead is not adjustable;
  • Optional silicone lining on the sides, significantly reducing the risk of injury;
  • Bottom bed on pine slats;
  • Execution in a wide range of colors;
  • with a pendulum mechanism and a box
Crib Options: External size: 1290x1050x720mm;
Internal size: 1200x600 mm.
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